Advocacy is the first of four goals mentioned in the AAUW mission statement: AAUW works to empower women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research. One of AAUW’s signature issues has been achieving pay equity for women. This long and interesting history is detailed in this video:

The AAUW Public Policy Program is member-endorsed at our convention held every two years and is advanced through a newsletter, The AAUW Washington Update, and an action alert system, The Two Minute Activist, which invites members and anyone interested to register their opinions with their legislators.

AAUW also has a 501(c) 4 arm called the AAUW Action Fund that coordinates AAUW’s Lobby Corps in Washington DC, coordinates a voter education program including publication of the AAUW Congressional Voting Record to inform members about how their national legislators voted on bills of concern to women and girls, develops voter education programs, and works to involve branch members in advocacy on our many issues related to women and girls.

AAUW Ohio is also active at the state level in promoting our public policy goals. Read our latest Voting Record, which tracks how our state legislators voted on our key bills related to our primary areas of advocacy at our state website at