Dues are $65 including national dues of $49, state dues of $11, and local dues of $5. Because AAUW is a 501(c)3 organization, $46 of these dues are tax deductible; a small non-deductible portion funds AAUW’s 501(c)4, the AAUW Action Fund.

An undergraduate student enrolled in a qualified educational institution is eligible for student affiliation. Student affiliates are entitled to attend branch, state, and national meetings and receive the branch newsletter and the AAUW membership publication, Outlook. Student affiliates may not vote or hold office. Dues are $15.

If you have any question before applying for membership, please e-mail our membership vice president at: If you would like to join our branch, please complete the following form, and our membership vice president will contact you about how to submit dues.

  • Student Affiliate Applicants Only: